TROUBLE #2, Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels, Belgium 2006

Helge Mayer and Marco Taubner

photo Nilz Bohme

'BMI is a laboratorium.
BMI is meetings and images that I did not know before I go in.
BMI is a challenge and an exhausting task of awareness.
BMI is a time-sculpture.
BMI is an utopia of exchange'

Formed with Marco Teubner the Performance Art Group System HM2T in 1998. Meyer performed in festivals like Exit in Finland, in Italy, at Aozora Art in Japan, Open Art festival in China, PiPaf in the Philippines and intensively in Canada and the USA. Helge Meyer works parallel with Black Market, System HM2T and solo.
He owns a diploma in Cultural Studies (University of Hildesheim, Germany). He is a writer for art magazines like Inter (Canada) and teaches performance art workshops and theoretical classes. As a researcher he is interested in questions of pain, duo work, cooperation and the history of images. In 2007 he finished a doctoral thesis about the image of pain in Performance Art (Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, Germany).Since 2007 he teaches art classes at High School and University.